Body and Heart, You Suck

03/13/2010 15:45
 I still feel the strain to practice playing piano.  Also to practice singing.  It's essential if I want to really make a career or professional hobby out of it.  Or at the very least to be good enough for myself.   The strain is the time beforehand, before I'm actually...

Take Your Losses

03/01/2010 00:04
 Roll with the punches.  Shed blood and guts into the rest.  Speak the truth, but don't let yourself really know.  Emote with sense in your system.  Emotions are there for a reason.  They tell us what we often don't want to hear.     Take your losses as what...


02/27/2010 16:32
There are a hundred ideas running and jumping through my mind.  Which one encapsulates the moment right now?  Which would best describe the feelings and the mood?  None of them.  Not fully.  And I won't even give you the pleasure to know what kind of mood it is I'm in....

A Weighty Cause

02/25/2010 19:35
I alter my thoughts so they come out in a different way, but it's not different for the sake of different perspective.  It's different for the sake of fame.  So others will see the difference;  how different my writings and thoughts and ideas are.   They don't need to be. ...


02/24/2010 23:23
I think the weatherman could've been sad tonight.  I think I saw a twinge of pain in his eye while he was telling us the temperature.  I wonder if he gets tired of saying pretty much the same thing every single day, year after year.  I'm sure there are some days he wishes he could...

A Giant In Ireland

02/23/2010 23:47
 The title has nothing to do with the rest of this article.  Just thought I'd let you know.   Somehow I treated myself to a wonderful evening.  And just imagine, right before I went I was considering not doing it.  Man I'm so glad I did.  I'll never regret...

Just Sick

02/22/2010 16:57
 Aside from yesterday's article being titled "I'm Sick Of,"  I was also physically sick yesterday.  Totally loopy with a fever, aches, pains, and a cough.  But still I felt the duty to write something.  So I did, and that's what came out.  I reread it, and it does...

I'm Sick Of

02/21/2010 20:38
Look deep into the TV set, the book you read, or the idea you heard.  Look deep into them and ponder their intensely deep messages.  They always pertain to your life.  THEY ALWAYS DO!   Alright, brainwashing time over;  reality time GO!  Why be so serious all of the...

The Conversation

02/20/2010 03:24
The conversation was better than the make-out session.  Better than all the time before;  better than masturbation.  And all because I felt I could speak my mind freely.  i was comfortable enough to see into deep eyes and note the beauty.  My hope is she'll read this and...


02/19/2010 16:48
I haven't written about it lately, and it goes to show where my priorities really are.  It's the whole purpose behind this site.  The musical improvement aspect of my life.  This is supposed to be motivation for me, but it's so easy to lose sight when there are other important ideas...
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 Important Announcement:


I have moved to new online headquarters.  Only partially, though.  First things first:  Go there.  It's where my thoughts will be.


Main reasons for moving are:


1.  Comments for my posts.  I really want to hear what people think.  The people have voices.  I want to hear them.


2.  Mini Music is evolving into a place for my thoughts to be hurled at and into.  That's not the reason I had for starting it.  It was only a partial reason, so the new site is entirely focused on that while Mini Music will be refocused toward original goals.  It means less posting here, but more meaningful and goal-oriented posts overall.


3.  It was bound to happen eventually.


Here I go.  Come with me and adventures we shall have.



4.  I can't even create an external link from this page to my new one.



A Thought


At least rolling in your grave would be a lot more exciting than just laying there.